A know-how enriched over the years

A know-how enriched over the years

The façades are a growing source of new inspiration . As a façades specialist operating in the aluminum industry since 1942, we rely on our substantial skills and confirmed expertise as an instrument of change, for continuous quality improvement of aluminum joinery solutions.

8 decades of history

From generation to generation, Mas Enterprise has undergone different transformations

The beginnings

The beginnings refer us to a foundry created in Sfax in 1939 during the Second World War.

The transition

Gradually, the activity has been diversified in the retail trade giving birth to the first Tunisian Hardware store.

The evolution

After Tunisia’s independence, a call for ladder construction has revealed a new twist in the life story of Mas Enterprise.
An event that led to the gradual evolution of Hardware store into a company specializing in the manufacture of aluminum joinery solutions in the early 1980s.

The development

Today, the company has more than 300 employees who are united on a common mission: “Build the future by forward-looking ambitious projects”.

The movement

Eight challenging decades…, and continue to happily preserve our heritage for an ever brighter future oriented to lively architecture.

A complete range of aluminum joineries and facade cladding

to inspire the future architecture


Our values


Daring, looking further…


The sublime is a permanent pursuit , which always calls for more performance. Behind every challenge there is a desire to innovate, to surprise and to constantly push back the frontiers of knowledge. Innovating today means opening new ways to create new solutions in favor of released creativity.


Daring the absolute…

Road to excellence

The pursuit of excellence has been part of our history and progress. This is one of the values that permeates our culture. Our passion and enthusiasm drive us to the highest standards of performance. It’s with such a state of mind that we move on constantly to bring day-to-day business development.


Daring infinity…


All progress is born of continuous boldness. Each new challenge is an opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves and push back the frontiers further. It is in this dynamic that we evolve with the constant desire to build the future through ever more ambitious projects.


Daring the human…

Solidarity and team spirit

Human component is at the heart of our corporate vision, we are more than 300 employees who contribute to achieve sustainable an long-term values. Solidarity and team spirit are the soul of our company. The contribution of each member of the group has enabled us to weave the story of Mas Enterprise. With this in mind, we implement respectful relations and appreciate employee’s contribution to reach company goals. We also encourage all talents to develop their skills in their respective jobs.

Worldwide development

We are working hard to open up new horizons and new growth prospects for the coming decades. We are paying attention to the international market with the hope to contribute to the major projects around the world. With 30% of export sales and projects in 12 countries, we are increasingly looking internationally to deploy our passion for facades and aluminum joinery in new territories.

Our partners