Facades and Curtain walls

– Glued Exterior Glazing 
This technique provides a fully glazed façade appearance that forms the outer shell of a building with invisible fixing points. It highlights glazing fixed by gluing in a frame or on a metal profile made of aluminum.

– Outdoor Glazed slide-in
This façade is a lightweight aluminum façade whose glazing, installed from the outside, is fixed with parcloses. The main advantage of
this assembly method makes each glass panel independent, allowing to alternate fixed panels with openings – French, oscillo-beating, English, Italian – while alternating maintaining a uniform interior/exterior appearance.

Consisting of two aluminum sheets with a mineral core, the composite panel offers endless possibilities of creation and shapes and innovative solutions for façade design.

The expanded metal is a metallic façade covering, giving aesthetic, solid and dynamic appearances that supports architectural creativity.
Based on a process that creates diamond shaped openings, the deployed metal offers a set of transparency, light and form.

A ventilated façade is a high-performance construction solution that makes the building thermally and acoustically insulating. Recognized mainly for its aesthetic potential, this construction system, by having double skin, separates impermeability and thermal insulation. Thus it meets the requirements of energy saving, and environment protection.

Structural Bolted Glazing System is a point fixed facade allows perfect appearance, lightness and transparency to the building it protects. It consists of glass panels most often attached by cross-facing fasteners placed at each angle of the glazing.

Glazed roof and Verandas


Recognized for its undeniable aesthetic qualities, the conservatory, a real source of light It is a fixed large glass surface laying on frames integrated
into a roof.


Being a source of light and comfort, the veranda allows you to optimize and save space using a lightweight structure. It offers you a modern and uncluttered style respecting environmental requirements.
These glass screens chosen in all architectures, adds value to your structure and affords space gaining.

Sun shading system and railing

The sun shading system

The sun screen is a solution that combines design and efficiency, it meets the multiple requirements of modern building, especially the glass faces: heat control, light optimization, air conditioning control, space personalizing …

The railing

Essential to secure roofs, terraces, descents of stairs. Robust, elegant, reliable and easy to maintain, the guard rails blend perfectly with allarchitectural styles and meet all aesthetic and safety requirements.

Removable partitions

The removable partition is the crucial concept for space arrangment, it seperates and delimits your office, workshop or open space as well as a simple installation, it is flexible to any space and adapted to any environment.