Our production units

Innovation, an ever-renewed challenge

We are living in a great time marked by unmatched innovation.
As a façades specialist, we see innovation as a real lever of lasting values, supporting our culture of excellence.
In fact, a new production site on the cutting edge of technology is set up to bring to light a new momentum in MAS ENTREPRISE history.



Optimized storage for reliable production

At a time when technology is constantly evolving, we are particularly pleased with this move to support reliable production. In this wave of innovation, it has been crucial to invest in motorized and digital storage. Thus, profile accessories and glazing are stored vertically, referenced and scanned.
This has allowed us to generate real added value for the benefit of optimized production.


The engineering and design department

Unprecedented solutions for a better world

We believe that success shall depends on bringing all relevant success factors. We provide our clients with a design office composed of experienced and competent engineers. A team that is committed from the moment of conception to find the right steadiness between an artistic vision and technical possibilities in order to provide the appropriate answers and customized solutions.


Posing on site

An important park of machinery for a INSTALLATION in perfection way

For a precise an a perfect installation, we have an important park of machinery allowing a careful and well done work within the agreed time.
Since the site installation is studied beforehand in the engineering department, the lifting machines are planned in advance to make on-site intervention easier.